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This book and its author, Seattle artist/writer/photographer Robert Zverina, crack open big ideas about identity and obliteration with the violent acuity of a car crash.
-Jonathan Zwickel [ full review ]
BUZZ  is a joy ride of unique characters, chiseled language, and evocative descriptions as moments of magical beauty contrast with jaw-dropping plunges into the cesspool of the human condition.
-Heike Uhlig
It is such a sad story and so beautifully written, it has that unique tension of attraction and repulsion that is so powerful in tragedy.
-Neil Schaeffer
BUZZ  is a dark but brilliant story. It raises the question of whether you can be somewhere yet not be there at all–the moon, a neighborhood in New York City, a country or even a life…. If you like Milan Kundera, Franz Kafka, Ralph Ellison, Sylvia Plath, Henry Miller or Flannery O’Connor, you’ll like this book. It is superbly written.
-Andy Singer [ full review ]
This is a serious book, but Zverina’s sense of comedy keeps it from being a bummer and creates what I consider true art, not just entertainment. Beautiful!
-Sarah Kavage [ full review ]
Anyone who has read BUZZ  by Robert Zverina probably wonders the same thing. “Houston, we have a problem. Why isn’t this book under a big publisher?”
-Jeridel Banks [ full review ]
One of the great things about BUZZ is that it restores my faith in self-published fiction. In a literary space heaped with over-written hubris and poor-to-non-existent editing, Zverina carves a clear path.
-Darrin Gunkel [ full review ]
BUZZ  is a story about life, culture, fragility, and seeking refuge wherever it can be found, even if it’s in a pint of vodka. This is the recipe for a satisfying read.
-Ismael Galvan [ full review ]


This is definitely the best book I have read this year. I laughed out loud and wept in public when I read it, which I can not say I have done many times before. It is a real page turner, I read it in one sitting, and I can not say I have done that many times either.
-Igor Peev
I’m reading BUZZ  for the second time this summer. The first time I read it in a single day. Here Zverina offers us an imaginative coming of age story about a young man struggling with his more cynical nature. It is set against the backdrop of the Apollo 11 lunar landing and the dreamy yet desolate imagery Zverina evokes is masterful.
-Jason Bogardus [ full review ]


I was surprised and grateful to be surprised. Without giving anything away, I can say the ending was a brave choice, and left me thinking about this story long after I put it down. Worth a read.
-Kirk Johnson [ full review ]
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