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BUZZ Press Photos

Please use these images online and/or in print
with credit/link to

Higher resolution images available upon request

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Functional QR links to

satellite image of Long Island, NY with Apollo astronaut toy

Satellite image of Long Island, NY where much of BUZZ transpires.

"Save image as" will download full-sized

version of thumbnails pictured here.

BUZZ author Robert Zverina "protecting the old ways"

BUZZ author Robert Zverina is a high-tech

Luddite who DJs 45rpm records on the side.

BUZZ paperback front and back
BUZZ ebook cover

Full wrap image of BUZZ paperback cover, front and back.

BUZZ ebook cover.

BUZZ 1969 Oldsmobile transparent .png

Transparent .png of cover automobile,

a 1969 Oldsmobile with vanity plate.

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